Success Tips on UNN Change of Department/Course

In this post, I will be focusing on the UNN Change of Course Procedure. You will learn how you can successfully switch to a department at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I am very much aware that some of you got a different course to study in the supplementary list.

Right now, you are eager to know if it is possible to change to your dream course after your first year.

Well, the answer is a big YES. You can switch to another department after your first year.

Well, but first of all here is what you need to do before you purchase the UNN change of degree programme transfer form.

Research your current course to see if you can develop an interest in it.

Another option would be to follow the change of course road. It is the purpose of this article.

On a personal note, I always tell people to study a course they have an interest in.

Studying at UNN is stressful.

It is a worse experience for those who are studying courses with zero passion.

Change of course 100% possible in UNN.

For example, you can change from Anatomy to Medicine after your first year.

Offer the same course as students with the department you want to change to after your first year.

Let’s say that you want to switch from Physiology to Medical Laboratory Science.

Physiology students do not offer MTH 111 in the first semester.

It then means that you will have to take MTH 111 to be eligible to change to MLS.

It is why many students from Biological Science offer BIO 101 in the first semester.

It is because they have the intention to change to a department in the College of Medicine.

Here are the criteria to change to another department in UNN.

First thing first, you will have to buy the change of course form.

It is about seventy-five thousand Naira or thereabout.

Purchasing the form is like buy a JAMB form. It does not guarantee that you will be successful with the application process.

The next step would be to ensure that you get a high CGPA of about 4.9 in your first year. It will increase your chances of getting the course that you want.

Not everybody who changes course does have a high CGPA. It is possible through connection and…

To go about this process, make enquiries from a direct source.

For example, your parents can meet with the HOD of the department you want to change to get the authentic information.

Generally, it is hard to switch to Nursing Sciences due to some reasons.

Let me know in the comment box below if you have any questions about the UNN change of degree programme.

I would love to hear from you.

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    • Yes, Ruth

      You can change from a Faculty to another Faculty.

      For example, you change from Mass Communication to the Faculty of Law.


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