ABU Zaria Post UTME Subject Combination 2024

The Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, is one of Nigeria’s prestigious institutions, renowned for its academic excellence and comprehensive range of courses.

As a prospective applicant, understanding the Post UTME subject combination is crucial to ensure a successful application process.

This article is a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the ABU Zaria Post UTME subject combination requirements.

ABU Zaria Post UTME Subject Combination

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The Post UTME subject combination for Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, may vary depending on the course you intend to apply for.

However, for most undergraduate programs, the general Post UTME subject combination for ABU includes the following:

Use of English

Regardless of the course you wish to pursue at ABU Zaria, one subject that remains constant is the “Use of English.”

This subject evaluates your proficiency in the English language, including grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, and reading skills. It is a crucial component of the Post UTME examination and tests your ability to communicate effectively.

Subject Combinations Based on Course

While the “Use of English” subject is mandatory for all applicants, the remaining subjects for the ABU Zaria Post UTME examination vary depending on the category of your desired course.

Let’s explore the subject combinations based on different course categories:

  1. Physics: This subject assesses your understanding of fundamental principles, theories, and applications of physics.
  2. Chemistry: It evaluates your knowledge of chemical reactions, atomic structure, periodicity, and other related topics.
  3. Biology: This subject tests your understanding of biological concepts, including anatomy, physiology, genetics, and ecology.

Engineering and Technological Courses

  1. Physics: A strong grasp of physics principles, laws, and problem-solving skills is essential for engineering courses.
  2. Chemistry: This subject focuses on chemical principles, reactions, and their applications in engineering fields.
  3. Mathematics: An in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts, calculations, and problem-solving is crucial for engineering disciplines.

Social Sciences and Management Courses

  1. Economics: This subject examines your knowledge of economic principles, theories, and applications.
  2. Government: It tests your understanding of governance, political systems, institutions, and related concepts.
  3. Any other relevant Social Science subject: Depending on your chosen course, subjects such as Commerce, Geography, or Accounting may be required.

Arts and Humanities Courses

  1. Literature in English: This subject assesses your understanding of literary works, including prose, poetry, and drama.
  2. Government: It focuses on political systems, governance, and related concepts.
  3. Any other relevant Arts/Humanities subject: Subjects like History, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Studies, or Fine Arts may be required based on your course selection.


Understanding the ABU Zaria Post UTME subject combination is essential for successfully applying to the university. By familiarizing yourself with the specific subject requirements for your desired course, you can adequately prepare and increase your chances of success in the Post UTME examination.

Remember to dedicate sufficient time to study and prepare for each subject, utilizing relevant textbooks, past questions, and other study materials. Practice time management, develop effective study strategies, and seek assistance.

With proper preparation and a solid understanding of the ABU Zaria Post UTME subject combination, you can confidently approach the examination and increase your chances of securing admission into your desired course at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Best of luck in your academic journey!

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