28 Ways to Be a Good & Successful Student in School 2024

A good student possesses several qualities in academics, character and personal lifestyle.

To become a good and excellent student in high school or university, you must make a practical effort to achieve success.

I remember my experience when I got to the university several years ago. The goal was to be top of my class with stellar grades.

But in the beginning, I struggled to keep up with my classmates. The experience was like losing touch with the academic and social activities on the university campus.

Luckily for me, I developed the habits of highly successful students.

The truth is there are many advantages of being an excellent student. It gives you a sense of personal fulfilment and a platform for many opportunities.

In this post, I will share ways to become a good and successful student in high school, college and university. This post also contains tips for you to become a better student.

Let me know in the comment box if you have any questions or need further clarifications. I would love to hear from you.

Ways to Be a Good & Successful Student in School

Here is the list of qualities and characteristics you must have to become a good and successful student.

  1. Positive Mindset
  2. Daily Improvement
  3. Organization Skill
  4. Persistency
  5. Handle Failure
  6. Have a Vision
  7. Be Punctual
  8. Team Work
  9. Obedience
  10. Be Teachable
  11. Good Listener
  12. Participation in School Activities
  13. Develop Confidence
  14. Study Smart
  15. Form Study Groups
  16. Optimism
  17. Be Active in Class
  18. Use Technology for Study
  19. Ask Questions
  20. Take Notes
  21. Attend Class
  22. Have Good Friends
  23. Learn to Write Well
  24. Reduce Distraction
  25. Be a Step Ahead
  26. Be Enthusiastic About Learning
  27. Teach Other People
  28. Study Concentration

Positive Mindset

Woman standing behind Eiffel tower

Developing a positive mindset is the first step to becoming a good and excellent student in school.

Mindset is your state of mind and the perspective you have about yourself. You could have a low mindset or hold yourself in high esteem by developing a positive mindset.

The mistake many students make is downplaying their abilities. They think that intelligence is for only a few students.

But the truth is any student can become good with school work and life.

There was a point in my life when I thought I was not good enough. Some subjects seemed too challenging to understand. I scaled through with a positive mindset.

Develop a positive mindset towards your studies and every other thing around you.

Tell yourself you can become successful in school and life. Then work towards becoming a good student.

Daily Improvement

get rid of distraction

Consistent self-evaluation and daily improvement are the secrets to becoming a successful student.

Top performing students in school and life have the characteristics of improving their skills and knowledge daily.

Good students are lifelong learners. They are not complacent with their past laurels. Their goal is to beat their previous records by making conscious efforts for personal improvement.

Like a chess player, you should imbibe the habit of evaluating the games you lost and won.

Failing is not a problem, but learning from your mistakes is necessary for every student.

Always learn from your mistakes and errors to become a better student.

To do this, make efforts to improve yourself in all ramifications daily.

Organization Skill

People doing office work

Organizational skill is a characteristic of good-performing students.

It is challenging to succeed in a disorderly environment because it has a way of obstructing your creativity.

As a student, you must thrive working in an organized environment.

Organization skill is crucial in planning your study timetable. It is a technique for you to plan your reading time.

A student is not supposed to wake up in the morning trying to figure out what to read for the day. There should be a timetable to guide you.

Successful students make certain good habits a routine by planning.

During planning, you would be able to set achievable goals for yourself. Also, strategies to achieve your objectives.


Nigerian student studying

The secret to becoming highly successful in life is to be persistent with your goals.

Persistency is doing something consistently for an extended period, even in the presence of challenges or lack of motivation.

Many students struggle in school because they are not persistent with their studies.

Perseverance is an attribute you must develop if you want to be successful in school and life.

Purposefulness is easy when you are doing what you love.

Handle Failure

I Will Not Leave You as Orphans

The way you handle failure speaks volumes about your level of maturity.

In life, you are going the encounter multiple failures. There are moments you would want to give up on everything.

But, you must prepare yourself to know how to handle failures.

I love to play video games like FIFA football online now and then because I get to experience failure by losing some matches.

Life is not perfect, and things would not always go according to your plan.

Learn how to handle failure with the spirit of sportsmanship. Every one of your challenges is to prepare you for the next phase of your life.

View your difficulties as a training routine for your journey to becoming successful.

Have a Vision

divine guidance

Having an achievable vision is a quality of successful students.

A vision is a mental picture of your dreams and aspirations.

Vision fixates your mind on your purpose. There will be no goal to actualize if you fail to have a picture of what you want to achieve.

For example, you could have a vision of getting A’s in all your subjects at the beginning of the academic year. Every one of your actions would be towards making good grades.

Be Punctual

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Punctuality is a characteristic of successful students. It takes discipline to be punctual during academic events.

Discipline is key to becoming successful in life. In other words, successful students have an effective time management system.

Team Work

Foreign students at the University

Teamwork is the ability to work with other students like yourself.

Good students acknowledge that they cannot perform every task by themselves. There are times you would need assistance with your academics from other students.

Collaboration is a necessary skill to learn to be successful in life.


Radiologist examining a x-ray film

Obedience to higher authorities is a characteristic of successful students.

Students with good grades submit to authorities. They are not rebellious.

Always be on your best behaviour in school and in your community.

Be Teachable

Woman sitting in front of a MacBook

Openness to learning new things and concepts is a quality of successful students.

The secret to gaining knowledge is opening your mindset to learning and opportunities.

Unsuccessful students like to stick to the status quo, but good students have the qualities to explore new opportunities.

Good Listener

Woman holding a book

Bright students are good listeners inside and outside of the classroom.

They cultivate good listening behaviours by knowing when to talk and the time to keep quiet.

Talking too much can hinder your cognitive abilities. You could miss important information in the class by talking.

Speaking and learning do not take place at the same time. Listen when necessary to gain knowledge.

Participation in School Activities

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Participation in school activities is mandatory if you desire to be a good student.

Excellent students participate in different activities in school like sports, drama, essay competitions and other extracurricular activities.

From today, make conscious efforts to participate in school activities.

Develop Confidence

woman wear convocation gown

Developing confidence at different levels is a quality of successful people.

Being confident will help you in a different facet of your life.

Confidence comes from being successful or an expert in a field. Work hard to achieve your goals to increase your confidence level. Also, read self-development books on boosting confidence.

Study Smart

A student with a laptop

Clever study technique is the secret to getting good grades as a student.

Academic success is not dependent on the number of hours you spend studying. It is a factor of how much time you exhaust reading with understanding.

Form Study Groups

People sitting beside table

Joining a study group can boost your academic performance in school.

There are plenty of advantages of forming a group discussion with your classmates. You can share ideas and learn from your schoolmates during the discussion sessions.

Use Technology for Study

A man and a woman looking at a computer screen

Studying with the internet and other technological tools will enhance your grades in school.

For example, using YouTube videos will give simple explanations for topics you do not understand in class.

Contents from the internet would give you a broader exposure to catch up with the latest trends in your field of study.

Ask Questions in Class

African Student

Asking relevant questions is the best way to learn as a student.

Many students fail to understand subjects because they shy away from asking questions.

Do not be shy about gaining knowledge.

Take Notes

Boy holding a white paper

Taking notes in class is a good learning behaviour. It helps you jot down important points from your teachers.

It is easier to understand copied notes you make in class than reading your textbooks.

Note-taking helps to boost retentive memory. It is easier to recall points in your notebook than in other sources.

Learn to write well in legible formats to understand your notes.

Attend Class

A student on campus

Attending classes is necessary if you want to become a good student.

During class, teachers give out tips on the area of concentration to study for exams. It is an easy strategy to make good grades in your exam.

As much as possible, never fail to attend classes. Also, reduce distractions when you are in the classroom or while studying.

Make good friends that will motivate you to study for your exams.

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