How to Start a Conversation with A Girl in School

Has your quest for how to begin a conversation with a girl in school brought you here? Well, you are quite lucky, you won’t have to search anymore.

So many lads find it very difficult to walk up to a girl and strike up a conversation; it isn’t that you are not okay as a person, be it your crush or a random girl. It is quite a task to start a conversation with someone you haven’t interacted with before.

Now this is it, I have come up with this article for you, and you are going to read through it over and over again, and then walk up to that girl or that crush of yours and strike a conversation.

It’s no magic, it’s as simple as counting the numbers.

Over to it.

Starting a Conversation with A Girl in School

Here are the Things to take note of before walking to a schoolgirl and striking a conversation.

If you find it difficult to read through these without keeping them, then you are not ready for it yet.

What I will be outlining and discussing below is just like the dos and don’ts of doing a particular thing. You can’t succeed at this without knowing them and putting them into practice.

Now be sure to follow closely. Before you can know how to begin a conversation with a girl in school, you must know these:


The number one thing as a boy who intends on starting up a conversation with a girl should be your look.

Have it in your mind that your appearance is the first impression you can give to a girl. Take it or leave it.

Girls appreciate what they see, this is their nature and you can’t change it. I’m not saying you should go shopping the whole world just to attract a girl into Conversing with you, if you are the kind of rich dude, you have qualms.

The ideal thing is that you should be yourself. If you are not the dressy type, it’s fine, but your appearance should be moderate, at least.


Are you brilliant?

Are you the school hooligan everyone talks about?

Do you always get into trouble?

If your answers to these questions are No, Yes and Yes, then let me ask you this, why are you searching for how to begin a conversation with a girl in school?

If you don’t know actually, girls have their specs, okay?

If you are to reverse the situation, and you become a girl, will you be bothered to converse with a boy who causes trouble in every corner of your school?

And not only that this boy in question happens to be one of the dull heads in the school, but it also doesn’t stop at that, he is the school hooligan. You know your answer.

Being brilliant is not always key to getting the attention of a girl and beginning a conversation, but I must say that it is a bonus. And again, everything depends on the type of girl you want to strike a conversation with.

Why should a girl who is brilliant be interested in speaking to you?

When she has as many boys as you can imagine lining up to get her attention. Or let’s say the girl in question is not the brilliant type, why would she be interested in having a conversation with you, when she has set other popular dudes as her target.

All right. All I have mentioned above is not to make you feel down. But to lay a foundation for what is to be discussed as we proceed. Teaching you how to begin a conversation with a girl in school is what I am about to do.

Step by Step Guide on How to Walk Up to A School Girl and Begin a Conversation

Walk Up to Her

I know you must be thinking “what is this one trying to tell me?

“How does this even make sense?”.

Calm down and continue reading.

How can you start up a conversation with someone you have never spoken to?

Do you fly? No!

So now you get it right? If you must begin a conversation with a girl in school, you have to walk up to her first.

This is easier said than done, but it’s no big deal. You just have to use your legs, approach her with confidence, it doesn’t kill, you are only trying to be friendly.

Begin with a Casual Greeting

A “hi” followed by a short introduction of yourself. You can go ahead to introduce your forefathers, but that’s your cup of tea.

What you need is just a short introductory line like “Hello, I’m Paschal, I’m in Class ‘this'”.

You do this to get her attention, now that you have gotten her attention, go ahead to the next step.

By this time, you should have gotten to know her name.

Compliment Her

Don’t tell me her outfit looks awful. Even if it is, you just have to pretend it looks cool.

Girls like it most when they are appreciated for their looks. If they aren’t, they shouldn’t spend that long facing the mirror.

Follow The Compliment Up with a Question

A simple “Can I sit with you?” Or “Can I walk with you?” Would do just fine.

Take note of what she is involved in at that moment. If she is walking somewhere, then use the former, if you were probably heading in a different direction, you should consider a change of mind if it’s not that you are going to do something urgent and important.

Having a walk with her would give you the perfect opportunity to get to converse with her after she gives you a ‘yes’. If she is seated, you should use the latter.

Think of Something to Start a Conversation About

This should be something you are well aware that she is knowledgeable about else you be the only one doing the conversation.

Find Out Her Interests

You should do this if you are clueless about what to strike up a conversation about. You will also get to know more about her, what she likes and her dislikes.


Talk and talk, and talk again. Have a limit to how you talk though, she may have this impression of you as being talkative.

How to Begin a Conversation with Your Crush in School

What if this girl you are about to walk up to is no random girl, maybe your crush, what should you do?

This won’t be as easy as walking up to a girl you feel nothing for.

What exactly makes it different?

You have feelings for her, and you don’t know if the feeling is mutual. This is how you do it;

  1. Approach Her with Friendly Intentions
  2. You are likely to scare a girl off if you make your feelings for her vivid on your first meeting, whether or not she feels the same way towards you, but lacks the confidence to make a move.
  3. Build up your self-confidence before making a move.
  4. Have in your mind that this move can be a win or loss.
  5. Give her a casual greeting. “Hi”, add her name if you know her name.
  6. But it’s best if you play neutral, she might think you have been keeping tabs on her.
  7. Let her know your name as a few necessary things about you. “I’m John, and I’m in my final year”, should be okay.
  8. Tell her you have been seeing her around.
  9. Ask her if she won’t mind letting you know her name.
  10. Go ahead to talk about some random things, if she isn’t giving you the ‘i don’t have time for this attitude’.
  11. If she tells you she is busy and needs to run along, ask her if she would love to hang out with you later in the day or anytime.
  12. If she agrees outrightly, then you have good luck. Extend your mobile to her, she should know what to do. Try to maintain a smile, and hide your emotions as best as you can.
  13. She doesn’t have a mobile number? Neither do you? It’s still fine. Just ask for her location, if you are sure you know your way around to meet her.
  14. What if she hesitates in agreeing to your hang out request? Adding a ‘please’ should convince her to give it a try. You should only add a ‘please’ if you notice she is being hesitant to avoid portraying yourself as being desperate.

Now the ball rolls in your court, you only have to be at the top of your game and play your cards so well.


With these, congratulations you have finally taken a step out of your self-made cage. Now you realize that it isn’t as much of a difficult task as it seems.

You can also use the text-message method to get close to a girl in school.

Start by sending her a message, it could be social media.

Gradually develop the relationship, it shouldn’t be a problem comfortably conversing with her when you meet her.

No more searching for how to begin a conversation with a girl in school.

After reading this, you only have 10% work left to do to start a conversation with a girl in your school. And it’s up to you.

I know this article helped you, kindly drop a review. Thanks.

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