UNN First Year University Student School Expenses List 2024

UNN is one of the most expensive Federal Universities in Nigeria.

Studying at the University of Nigeria can be costly for newly admitted students. The processes from clearance to other payments can financially burden parents and guardians.

First of all, congratulations on your admission to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Welcome to you as you enter the Den of Lions and Lionesses.

Gaining admission to UNN comes with many expenses from the acceptance, school fees, accommodation fees and other charges.

It is necessary to know the school expenses for first-year students. It would help you draft your school budget for presentation to your parents or guardian.

As a fresher, you can show your parents this post so they know the costly expenses.

This post will cover the categories of expenses for UNN freshers. Parents and newly admitted students at the UNN or UNEC Campus will find this post helpful.

Let me know in the comment box if you have any questions or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

UNN First Year School Expenses

Here is the category of school expenses for newly admitted students in UNN;

  1. Acceptance Fee
  2. School Fees
  3. UNN Clearance Fee
  4. Accommodation Fee
  5. GS Textbooks & CA
  6. CA Booklet
  7. Practical Manuals
  8. Dissecting Kit
  9. Photocopy Materials
  10. Pass Questions
  11. Textbooks
  12. Faculty Dues
  13. Departmental Dues
  14. Class Dues
  15. Manual Course Registration
  16. Library ID Card
  17. Foodstuffs
  18. Reading Materials
  19. Kitchen and Utensils Equipment
  20. House Materials
  21. Transportation Fee
  22. Internet Data
  23. Miscellaneous Charges
A statue in UNEC

Acceptance Fee

The acceptance fee is the money you pay to accept your UNN admission. It is the first payment you will make as a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

The UNN acceptance fee is thirty thousand nairas (₦30,000).

Do not pay the acceptance fee using your ATM card. All payments must be at any of the commercial banks in Nigeria. The reason is that the bank teller would be required for your final year clearance.

School Fees

School fees are the amount of money you would be for different charges like ICT, SUG, development fees, etc.

UNN school fees for freshers are between seventy to eighty thousand naira (₦70,000 – 80,000).

Note that the UNN school fees change every academic session.

Read this post to see the school fees schedule for all the departments in UNN.

Also, the UNN school fees must be paid at the commercial bank. Do not make payments with your ATM card.

UNN Clearance Fee

The UNN clearance is free of charge.

You do not pay any money for clearance as a student of the University of Nigeria.

There are lots of expenses you will make during your clearance. They include the following;

Passport Photograph

You need thirty (30) passports for your academic and hostel clearance.

Also, you will use passports for your manual course registration in UNN.

Photocopy of Documents

You need four (4) copies of each of your clearance documents. That is a lot of money.

See my post on the procedures for UNN first-year clearance. It will give you a complete overview of the process.

Accommodation Fee

The accommodation fee is in two categories;

  • UNN school hostel
  • Off-campus accommodation

The UNN school hostel has twelve thousand naira for male students and fifteen thousand for female students.

Off-campus accommodation is between forty to two hundred and fifty thousand for a single room and self-contain.

You should read my post on UNN Hostel and Off-campus accommodation. The article contains everything there is to know about accommodation in UNN.

UNEC students should read Hostel and Off-Campus Accommodation in UNEC.

GS Textbooks & CA

GS stands for general studies. It is a compulsory course for all students at the University of Nigeria.

First-year students offer between two (2) to three (3) GS courses each semester in their 100 level.

The GS textbook and CA are compulsory. They cost between one thousand five hundred naira (₦1,500) to two thousand five hundred (₦2,500).

CA Booklet

CA stands for continuous assessment.

College of Medicine, Pharmacy, Biological Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Physical Science students buy CA booklets. There is a CA booklet for every course.

The CA booklet costs between one to two thousand naira (₦1,000 – 2000).

Practical Manuals

Practical manuals are first science students.

The following are the practical courses for first-year students;

  • PHY 191
  • CHM 171
  • BIO 154
  • ZEB

The cost for these practical manuals is between one five to three thousand five hundred naira (₦1,500 – 3,500).

Dissecting Kit

Dissecting kits are instruments for BIO 154 practicals for science students.

The dissecting kits cost three thousand five hundred naira (₦3,500).

Photocopy Materials

At UNN, you will photocopy plenty of study materials and documents.

There is no fixed price on the number of documents you will duplicate.

The frequency at which you would photocopy materials would depend on your department.

Pass Questions

Pass questions are necessary for you to pass your semester exams in UNN.

You can buy past questions and answers up to five thousand naira (₦5,000).

But, you would not spend any money if you get past questions in soft copies.


Buying textbooks is not compulsory in most departments at UNN.

You can meet your senior colleagues to get their textbooks to save costs or get them in soft copies.

But if otherwise, you would spend more than ten thousand naira (₦5,000) per semester getting all the textbooks.

Faculty Dues & Departmental Dues

Faculty and departmental dues are the money you will pay your faculty and department.

Both dues can be up to ten thousand naira (₦10,000).

Class Dues

The class due is the money you will pay your class representative after the lectures start.

The money is for running the class expenses like printing the class list, etc.

Class dues in UNN are five hundred naira (₦500) or one thousand naira (₦1,000), depending on the decision of your class.

Manual Course Registration

Manual registration is registering your course for the semester with the various departments.

Manual course registration in UNN is one thousand naira (₦1,000).

See my post for other things you need as a first-year student at UNN.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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  1. Jamb score 239
    Waec 2Bs and 2Cs
    Any chance of getting Medicine and surgery in UNN. And I am also from Edo state. Please sir help me

  2. Jamb score 239
    Waec 2Bs and 2Cs
    Any chance of getting Medicine and surgery in UNN. And I am also from Edo state. please sir help me.

  3. Jamb score 239
    Waec 2Bs and 2Cs
    Any chance of getting Medicine and surgery in UNN. And I am also from Edo state. Please sir help me.

  4. When is the deadline for every payment in unn for the freshmen?
    Can I go ahead with clearances before paying school fees?
    When are the new students starting lectures?

    • Hello John,

      You are expected to pay your fees before the matriculation ceremony.

      To answer your second question, you cannot get cleared without paying your school fees.

      Lectures has started already.

    • Hello John,

      You are expected to pay your fees before the matriculation ceremony.

      To answer your second question, you cannot get cleared without paying your school fees.

  5. Please sir when is clearance and manual registration starting for first year students “2022/2023 academic session”? Also can I go on with the payment of my school fees? I have been trying to move on with my online registration of courses but on the portal they kept on showing me that may be I have not paid my school fees for the session. From the options on which session, that’s for course registration, am I to select 2022-2023 or to select 2023-2024? Finally what are the courses am to register under political science?

    • Makuachi,

      First, you should not register any course now.

      You must pay your school fees before you can continue with your first year clearance.

      You can pay your school fees.

  6. I have made my payment with an ATM card because the bankers told me that there was no network for remitta.

    Should I go and repay in bank in order to get a bank teller receipt?

    • No, Mike

      That would not be necessary.

      Note that there is no need to panic if you pay using your ATM card. All that can be sorted out during your final year clearance.

      Congratulations on your admission.

  7. Please i just registered Jamb this year
    What score must i target to study nursing in unn?
    Is there any possibility of UNN writing post utme exam cos my waec result is not that good

    • Hello Promise,

      It is impossible to predict the screening method UNN will adopt this year.

      I will advise you to target 300 in your JAMB examination

    • Winner,

      I believe this post provides you with a complete breakdown of expenses.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

    • Yes, Benjamin

      You have an excellent JAMB score.

      Target above 270 in our UNN Post UTME exams.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

    • Hello Charity,

      You have a high chance of getting Accountancy at UNN.

      Target above 290 in your Post UTME exams.

      I wish you success.

  8. pls what is the 2022/2023 jamb cut off mark of unn and can i continue to post utme if i score 178 to study guidance and counselling?

    • No, Onyedika

      Your JAMB score is low for Pharmacy at UNN.

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  9. can i still loose the admission after i have paide for the aceptance and school fees if didn’t pay the other fees in time

    • No, Taiwo.

      You will not lose your admission for late payments.

      Ensure you make all necessary payments before the start of the first-semester exam.

  10. Is university of Nigeria Nsukka admission still in progress for 2021/2022 academic section pls I need urgent answer


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