WAEC Syllabus for General Knowledge in Art 2024/2025

The WAEC syllabus for General Knowledge in Art is the topic you must study to sit for the examination. It contains the aims and objectives, notes and format for the General Knowledge in Art exam.

Studying the General Knowledge in Art syllabus is necessary for your exam preparation. It will serve as a guide for you to know the topics to read. There are also notes on concepts you should pay attention to learning.

Exam preparations without using the General Knowledge in Art syllabus are like going to the farm without your agricultural tools. You will end up not being productive.

Ensure you begin your exam preparations using the syllabus.

This post contains the General Knowledge in Art syllabus and recommended textbooks of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

WAEC General Knowledge in Art

The syllabus is intended to provide candidates with the opportunity to demonstrate the extent of their aesthetic awareness, and emotional and visual development through perceptual and creative activities.


Candidates should be able to respond to questions which seek to evaluate their:

  1. Development of perceptual, analytical and expressive skills through a variety of art activities relating to the environment.
  2. Knowledge and skills in the use and maintenance of art tools, equipment and materials.
  3. Level of appreciation of values and qualities of different works of art.
  4. Knowledge and application of design elements and principles.
  5. Knowledge of art history and art structure.
  6. Knowledge and appreciation of their culture in relation to other cultures.
  7. Understanding of the meaning, significance and role of art in the socio-economic development of their society.
  8. Understanding indigenous art technology, aesthetics, beliefs, values and attitudes.
  9. Skills in the development of local materials and resources especially in the promotion of small-scale industries.

Scheme of Examination

There will be three papers, Papers 1, 2 and 3 all of which must be taken.  Papers 1 and 2 will be a composite paper to be taken at one sitting.

PAPER 1:  Will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 50 minutes for 40 marks.  

PAEPR 2:  Will consist of five essay-type questions. Candidates will be required to answer three questions within 1 hour 30 minutes for 60 marks.

 PAPER 3: Will consist of two sections, Sections A and B.

Section A will be drawing/painting and will be compulsory for all candidates.  

Two questions will be set, one on still life and the other on imaginative composition and candidates will be expected to answer one of them within 3  hours for 50 marks.

Section B will consist of two questions, one on lettering/calligraphy and the other on product design.

Candidates will be required to answer one question from either lettering/calligraphy product design within 3 hours for 50 marks.

The paper will be sent to candidates a fortnight in advance of the date of its conduct.

WAEC General Knowledge in Art

  1. Rationale for Visual Arts
  2. Basic Drawing Tools, Equipment and Materials
  3. Basic Design and Composition
  4. Printmaking/Printing
  5. Lettering
  6. Prehistoric Art
  7. Palaeolithic
  8. Mesolithic
  9. Neolithic
  10. Ancient Art
  11. Egyptian Art
  12. Greek, Renaissance, Oriental and Oceanic Art
  13. African Art
  14. Art in National Development.
  15. Ghanaian attitudes to the Development of art and artists
  16. Art Appreciation and Modern Art
  17. Entrepreneurship
  18. Professional Ethics
  19. Museum and Gallery Studies
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