List of Approved Banks for UK Visa in Nigeria

The United Kingdom (UK) is the best country to migrate to as a Nigerian.

Moving to the UK offers plenty of opportunities in terms of quality education, job opportunities and access to world-class healthcare facilities.

A UK visa is the requirement to travel to the United Kingdom for whatever purpose as a Nigerian citizen.

The United Kingdom is the second home for Nigerians due to the colonial ties between the two nations.

This post would not highlight the perks of moving to the UK, as I have done justice to that in my article on the complete guide to studying in the United Kingdom (UK).

The of this post is to list the approved banks for UK visas in Nigeria.

Read other of my articles here about the United Kingdom using the links at the end of this post.

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I wish you success as you begin your journey to moving to the United Kingdom.

UK Visa Payment in Nigeria

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Since 2013, the UK British High Commission has made it compulsory for Nigerians to pay their visa application fees in the United States Dollar (USD) using their ATM card.

You do not need a dollar account to pay for the UK visa fee. A Naira account, whether savings or current, can be used to make such payments.

Read my post on the UK Visa Categories and Fees to get more information on the type of permit you need for your application at the High Commission in Abuja.

Banks for UK Visa in Nigeria

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Bank account financial statements are the most crucial requirements for the United Kingdom (UK) visa.

The visa officer at the British High Commission would want to ensure that you are financially capable to sustain yourself in the UK.

They wouldn’t to issue visa to an individual that wold be a nuisance or financial handicap in the Great Britain.

The different UK vida categories have their financial requirements you can see here.

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The following are the list of approved banks for UK visa in Nigeria;

  1. Access Bank Plc
  2. Citibank Nigeria Limited
  3. Ecobank Nigeria Plc
  4. Fidelity Bank Plc
  6. First City Monument Bank Plc
  7. Globus Bank Limited
  8. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  9. Heritage Banking Company Ltd.
  10. Keystone Bank Limited
  11. Parallex Bank Ltd
  12. Polaris Bank Plc
  13. Premium Trust Bank
  14. Providus Bank
  16. Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Ltd.
  17. Sterling Bank Plc
  18. SunTrust Bank Nigeria Limited
  19. Titan Trust Bank Ltd
  20. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  21. United Bank For Africa Plc
  22. Unity Bank Plc
  23. Wema Bank Plc
  24. Zenith Bank Plc

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