EKSU Pre Degree Application Form 2022/2023

Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the following pre-degree courses in the Pre-Degree Programmes of the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, for the 2022/2023 Session.

The guidelines on Subject Combinations for the selection of Courses and Faculties are as follow:

EKSU Pre-Degree Programmes

The following are the available subject combinations for the pre-degree programmes at EKSU;

S/NOptionsSubject Combinations
1.Agricultural Sciences1. Agricultural Science/Chemistry/Physics/English Language
2. Biology/Chemistry/Physics/English Language
2.Arts1. Government/ Literature in English/Christian Religious Studies; Islamic Studies
2. Economics/Government/ Literature in English
3.Biological Sciences1. Biology/Chemistry/Physics
2. Agricultural Science/Chemistry/Physics
4.Education1. Agricultural Science/Chemistry/Physics/English Language
2. Biology/ Chemistry/Physics/English Language
3. Government/Literature in English/CRS/IRS/English Language
4. Literature in English/CRS/IRS/English Language
5. Government/ Literature in English/Economic/English Language
6. Chemistry/Physics/Geography/English Language
7. Mathematics/Chemistry/Physics/English Language
8. Geography/ Chemistry/Physics/English Language
9. Economics/Mathematics/Geography/Government/English
10. Economics/Government/Geography/English Language
11. Economics/Government/Mathematics/English Language
12. Mathematics/Geography/Economics/English Language
5.Physical Sciences1. Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics
2. Geography/Mathematics/Physics
6.Social Sciences1. Economics/Government/Mathematics
2. Mathematics/Geography/Economics
3. Economics/Government/Geography
4. Economics/Commerce/Principles of Accounting


AAGRICULTURAL SCIENCES(1) Agricultural Economics & Extension Services
(2) Crop Production, Horticulture and Landscaping
(3) Forestry& Wildlife
(4) Animal Production & Health Sciences
(5) Soil & Environmental Sciences
(6) Fisheries and Agriculture Management (FAM)
BARTS (1) English
(2) French
(3) History and International Studies
(4) Law
(5) Philosophy
(6) Christian Religious Studies; Arabic &Islamic Studies
(7) Theatre and Media Arts
(8) Yoruba/Linguistics
(2) Nursing
(3) Biochemistry
(4) Microbiology
(5) Plant Science and Biotechnology
(6) Zoology and Environmental Biology
(7) SLT
DEDUCATION(1) English Education
(2) History Education
(3) Yoruba Education
(4) Biology Education
(5) Human Kinetics & Health Education
(6) Mathematics EducationTechnical Education with the following options:(i) Building   
(ii) Metal Works
(ii) Electrical/Electronic
(iv) Integrated Science
(7) Early Childhood Education
(8) Geography Education
(9) Accounting Education
(10) Educational Management
(11) Social Studies Education
(12) French Education
(13) Christian Religious Studies Education;  Arabic &Islamic Studies        Education
(14) Agricultural Education
(15) Chemistry Education
(16) Computer Education
(17) Educational Technology
(18) Adult Education
(19) Library Information  Studies
(20) Economics Education
(21) Political Science Education
(22) Business Education
(23) Guidance & Counselling
(2) Industrial Chemistry
(3) Civil Engineering
(4) Computer Science
(5) Computer Engineering
(6) Electrical & Electronics Engineering
(7) Geology
(8) Mathematics
(9) Mechanical Engineering
(10) Physics
(11) Statistics
(12) SLT with the following Options:
(a) Physic/Electronics
(b) Geology
(2) Banking & Finance
(3) Business Administration
(4) Entrepreneurship Studies
(5) Insurance
(6) Actuarial Science
(7) Cooperatives & Rural Development
(8) Marketing
(9) Industrial Relational and Personnel Management
(10) Criminology
(11) Economics
(12) Environmental Management
(13) Geography & Planning Sciences
(14) Personnel Management
(15) Political Science
(16) Psychology
(17) Sociology
(18) Tourism & Hospitality Management

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission into the Pre-Degree Programmes must possess a minimum of five ‘O’ level credit passes at not more than two sittings, including the English Language:

  • For all the Science-based courses, a credit pass in Mathematics and three other science subjects are compulsory.
  • Credit in Mathematics and at least two Social Science subjects are compulsory for all Social Sciences-based courses.
  • For all Arts based courses, at least three Arts subjects are compulsory

Application Procedures

  1. Login to https://login.remita.net/remita/onepage/G0000143424/biller.spa
  2. Select the name of service/purpose of what you are paying for, i.e. “PRE-DEGREE APPLICATION FORM FOR 2022/2023 ACADEMIC SESSION.”
  4. Fill in your Surname only in the space provided for (SURNAME).
  5. Fill in your name, i.e. the Applicant’s Name, in the space provided for (Payer’s name).
  6. Fill in your phone number, i.e. the Applicant’s Phone Number, in the space provided for (Payer Phone)
  7. Fill your e-mail address, i.e. the Applicant’s e-mail address, in the space provided for (Payer E-mail)
  8. Confirm e-mail address. (P ease ensure your e-mail address is active and correct as your payment receipt will be sent to any e-mail provided by the biller. You may not get a receipt if the e-mail is incorrect).
  9. Please click on the “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA box for verification.
  10. Click “Submit”.
  11. Then select how you want to pay e.g.
    • CARD (This method requires that you fill in your ATM card details to make a payment).
    • Bank Branch (This method requires that you enter any bank that processes Remita transactions and present your pre-generated RRR code to make payment).

(You are advised to use any of the above payment methods for ease of service).


Please ensure you fill in your details correctly as payment made for the Pre-Degree application in error is non-refundable


  1. Only candidates with examination permits issued by the Directorate will be allowed to write the Qualifying Examination.
  2. Pre-Degree Students are required to take the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and obtain the National minimum UTME cut-off mark as may be fixed by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
  3. Only candidates who are successful in the internal Pre-degree Examinations conducted by the Directorate of Pre-Degree Programmes will be considered for admission into the 100 level of the full-time degree Programmes at the University.

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