How to Study and Pass Mathematics Exam in High School 2024

Passing mathematics in high school examinations is challenging for many students.

Many students fail mathematics because of self-doubt, unfavourable learning behaviour and other reasons.

I remember how I struggled to understand mathematics while my classmates did well in the subject.

The first thing I did was to work on my self-doubt.

I recognized there was no way I would understand the subject or pass my maths exams.

So, I initiated a cordial relationship with my mathematics teacher, who taught me even at his inconvenience.

Long story short, I graduated as the best mathematics student in my high school for my set.

I defeated the fear of failure, and my passion for the subject increased.

Presently I teach mathematics at a secondary school, and most of my students pass the subject.

As a maths teacher, I assure you that mathematics is an easy subject you can learn and understand.

The formula remains constant.

For example, 1 + 1 = 2,

The formulae for the area of a circle is πr², P×R×T is the formula for finding simple interest, etc.

How to Pass Mathematics Exam in High School

Here are the tips on how to study and pass mathematics exams in High School or Secondary School;

  1. Overcome the Fear of Failure
  2. Be Punctual and Sit in Front
  3. Listen to Your Teacher and Participate in Class
  4. Copy Your Note Before Exams
  5. Study Ahead of Time
  6. Join a Study Group
  7. Buy Mathematics Textbooks
  8. Solve Maths Problems
  9. Teach your Classmates
  10. Correct your Mistakes

Overcome the Fear of Failure

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Fear of failure is one of the reasons students fail to pass mathematics examinations.

There is no way you would get a good grade in Mathematics if you develop a fear of failing the subject.

It is like fighting a war with a mindset of losing the battle.

The development of a positive mindset is an effective strategy for understanding mathematics and passing your exams with good grades.

As a teacher, I suggest you discard negative stereotypes on the subject of mathematics.

Be Punctual and Sit in Front

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Punctuality in academic activities is necessary to make good grades in mathematics.

Sitting in the front of the class makes you pay much attention to the teacher.

Studies show that students who sit in front with full attentiveness perform better than their classmates.

Every new topic you learn in mathematics builds on the previous one.

For example, understanding the topic of Addition of Fractions is the key to learning how to find the Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) of a few numbers and division of numbers.

Listen to Your Teacher and Participate in Class

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To pass mathematics in your secondary school, listen to your teacher and participate effectively.

An adage says participation aids proper understanding.

Glancing at your teacher when they teach will give them an idea of your willingness to learn the subject.

The attitude will get favour from them when you need assistance with private tutoring.

Also, ensure you participate in class activities by answering or asking questions.

Your lack of class participation may make your teacher assume you know the subject.

Copy Your Note Before Exams

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The examination period is the best time to study your notes in class.

Take notes and solve calculations in your notebook.

Studying your notes from class is easier to understand than your mathematics textbooks.

For each new topic, break the procedure and formula down into steps in your notes.

Then, number your works following the explanations and examples your teacher provides.

It is much easier to comprehend a process or equation if you can turn it into a 4- to 5-step formula.

Understand the meaning of unique vocabulary terms in maths, and highlight the new words you learn.

Study Ahead of Time

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As a mathematics student, make it a habit to practice calculations.

Study each topic before and after the class to stir up your knowledge.

Ask your teacher questions on maths calculations you do not understand.

Stay focused while studying mathematics.

Join a Study Group

There is nothing wrong with getting extra help.

Ask questions, seek help from your friends or use online resources like YouTube.

Buy Mathematics Textbooks

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Textbooks are necessary when it comes to mathematics, especially during studies.

Different maths textbooks adopt a different approach to mathematical problems.

Ask your teacher for the name of the recommended books you should get for study.

Learning mathematics without a textbook will hinder your understanding of the course.

Also, develop a study timetable to study maths.

The more time you spend studying mathematics, the higher your chances of understanding the subject.

Try to spend at least 5-10 minutes re-reading your notes daily.

Solve Maths Problems

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To pass mathematics in secondary school, solve mathematical problems without looking online or in textbooks for help.

Even if it will take an extra 20-45 minutes, try to do your assignment without Googling for hints and answers or skipping through your notes or textbooks looking for the steps.

It will challenge you to flex those critical thinking skills.

You would be more likely to comprehend the formulas and steps by getting the correct answers.

Try to do your homework on the day it was assigned to you by your teacher.

The reason why you must solve problems yourself is to check your level of understanding.

Teach your Classmates

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The more you teach your classmates a particular topic, the more you master any topic.

So as a high school student, try to assist your mates who don’t understand the subject.

It will make you remember calculations and formulas to pass your exams with top grades.

Correct your Mistakes

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Create time to review and reflect on the best way to solve challenging mathematical problems.

Do not feel bad for failing your classwork or assignment.

Accept your mistakes with the determination to work hard to do better with the next exercise.

By doing so, you will master the steps to solving mathematical problems.

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