UNN Departmental Cut Off Mark for All Courses 2021/2022

UNN departmental cut off mark combination of your JAMB and Post UTME score.

Your name will come out with the merit list if your aggregate score is higher than your departmental cut off mark.

UNN merit is hundred per cent transparent for all courses. You must see your name in the admission list if you beat the cut off mark.

I recommend you read How to Get Admission to UNN to know everything about the UNN admission process.

This article contains the list of UNN departmental cut off marks for all courses.

You can share your UNN Post UTME experience here.

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Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Calculation for UNN Aggregate Score

UNN uses the 60:40 ratio for the calculation of her cut off mark;

  • JAMB Score = 60%
  • UNN Post UTME Score = 40%
  • Multiply your JAMB score by 0.6
  • Multiply your Post UTME score by 0.4

For example, if your JAMB score is 280 and Post UTME score is 310. Here is how to calculate your aggregate score;

  • JAMB = 280 x 0.6 = 168
  • Post UTME = 310 x 0.4 = 124
  • Agrregate Score = 292

UNN may decide to use the 50:50 ratio.

It means that your JAMB and Post UTME scores will carry the same mark.

Add your JAMB and Post UTME score divided by 2.

You will see your aggregate score when you check your screening result online.

UNN Departmental Cut Off Mark

A statue in UNEC

The UNN departmental cut off mark for all courses is determined by the performance of students in each year JAMB and Post UTME.

It means that there is no fixed cut off mark. For example, the merit cut off mark for Nursing Science could have been 287. But this year, the cutoff mark may increase or decrease.

Each of the departments in UNN determines the merit cut off mark at the end of the Post UTME screening exam.

For example, the Department of Medical Laboratory Science will compile the total score of students. They will look at the highest aggregate score and the lowest aggregate score within the admission quota.

You can check my write up on how to get admission to UNN to know more about this process.

Here is the UNN departmental cut off mark for all courses;


S/NPharmacyCut Off Mark
2.Enugu State290
3.Anambra State284
4.Imo State276
5.Ebonyi State268
6.Abia State271
7.Delta State265
8.Edo State287
9.Akwa Ibom265
10.Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)Not yet out

Medical Rehabilitation

S/NMedical RehabilitationCut Off Mark
2.Enugu State224
3.Anambra State205
4.Imo State198
5.Ebonyi State188
6.Abia State188
7.Delta State201
8.Cross River174
9.Edo StateNot yet out
10.Akwa IbomNot yet out
11.Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)Not yet out


S/NLawCut Off Mark
2.Enugu State295
3.Anambra State295
4.Imo StateNot yet out
5.Ebonyi StateNot yet out
6.Abia StateNot yet out
7.Delta StateNot yet out
8.Edo StateNot yet out
9.Akwa IbomNot yet out
10.Educationally Less Developed States (ELDS)Not yet out


S/NAccountancyCut Off Mark
2.Enugu State242
4.Imo State241
5.Abia State233
6.Ebonyi State222
7.Delta State189

UNN Cut Off Mark

Here is the list of the UNN departmental merit cut off marks for the 2021/2022 academic session;

DepartmentUNN Merit Cut Off Mark
Medicine and Surgery314
Medical Laboratory Science256
Mechanical Engineering260
Electronic Engineering217
Medical Radiography263
Civil Engineering256
Mass Communication265
Foreign Language180
History and International Studies242
English and Literary Studies252
Theatre and Film Studies249
Nutrition and Dietetics224
Home Science180
Medical Rehabilitation235
Political Science240
English Education235
Social Science Education220
Public Administration and Local Government Studies221
Urban and Regional Planning180
Estate Management200
Human Physiology205
Human Anatomy206
Veterinary Medicine225
Banking and Finance218
Pure and Industrial Chemistry216
Physics and Astronomy203
Banking and Finance183
Business Management213
French with Germany/Russian180
Guidance and Counselling180
Health Education180
Home Science200
Agrcultural Extension210
Adult Education180
Agricultural Economics201.5
Crop Science180
Animal Science180
This table shows the list of departments in UNN and their cut off mark for the 2021/2022 academic session.

I wish you success in your admission pursuit.

See you in the Den.

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148 thoughts on “UNN Departmental Cut Off Mark for All Courses 2021/2022”

  1. good afternoon,
    i had 268 in jamb utme
    what are my chances in gaining admission to study nursing science
    + what score should I target in the putme to be sure of admission on merit!?

  2. Sir, I’m from Anambra State and I partake in the just concluded Jamb Exam.
    I got 240 and would apply for Food Sci & Tech., What’s the departmental Cutoff mark and what score should I aim at come next post utme?

    • Hello Victor,

      The UNN cut off mark for Food Science was not made public during the last admission exercise.

      But you have a good JAMB score for Food Science and Technology.

      You have to target above 260 in your Post UTME.

      Read my post on how to gain admission in UNN here.

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  3. Sir please my aggregate score was 257 and am into mechanical engineering
    Do I stand a chance to study it at unn

    • The cut off mark for Computer Science was not made public during the last admission exercise.

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

    • That is not correct.

      The Remita number does not expire.

      You can make your payments at any point in time.

  4. Pls sir i have not paid my acceptance fee yet because of some problem with the remita stuf, are my putting my admission at risk? Thanks

  5. Please sir, what is the exact cut off mark for anatomy cos I saw 206, 230, and 232. So I got confused. Please help me! Thanks and remain blessed.

  6. Please sir, what is the exact cut off mark for anatomy cos I saw 206,232,230 and 235, so I got confused. Please help me. Thanks and remain blessed.

  7. Sir I got aggregate 208 and I shopped into medical rehab from nursing
    Sir is this cut off mark above for 2022
    Please I need a reply 😞

  8. Sir . They gave me admission for state university
    But I don’t what to accept that offer
    Did I still have the chance to get admission in Unn

    • You’d have a low chance with Medical Laboratory Science.

      Go for a course in Biological Sciences or Agriculture.

  9. Sir pls I’m from ekiti state …I want to write jamb and choose unn (pharmacy)…pls what should my least/target score be?

    How much is unn school fees for first year student

  10. I got 182 aggregate buh I chosed electronics engineering. What possible course can I shop to now to be able to gain admission

  11. Good day sir,pls my aggregate is 206 and my is political science,do i have a chance in gaining admissiong in unn if no what other course lower can i shop for in unn.thanks

  12. Pls sir where are my to accept my admission is it in the school portal or in the jamb caps, and the documents for clearance more especially the admission letter, admission list,unn acceptance of admission slip, student profile slip and the school fee receipt, where can i see all these?. And when is the clearance process starting.

  13. Sir if i uploaded o_level result after release of the admission list and my name is on the list when will it reflect on the jamb cap (computer science)

  14. Sir can the failure to do change of course before the release of admission list lead to not being admitted? I asked this, because I didn’t do any change of course after my utme 2021 registration but I got the cut off mark for anatomy and physiology. Please what do I do? Help me.
    God bless you.

    • No, it won’t affect your chances of admission.

      It is after you see your name you’d apply for a JAMB change of admission.

  15. Sir, Pls How many days do you think admission granted to someone would last in jamb portal before it’s removed if it’s not accepted??

  16. Good evening sir ,i scored 225 in my post utme and am to study English and literary studies but i didn’t made it in merit list pls sir i need guide on what course to offer that is related to it/any education course am to offer because am confuse on what to do

  17. Good evening sir ,i scored 225 in my post utme and am to study English and literary studies but i didn’t made it in merit list pls sir i need guide on what course to offer that is related to it/any education course am to offer because am confuse on what to do

  18. Pls sir what is UNN cut off mark for English language,for Education ,for Educational foundation and Adults Education with their subject combination

  19. Finally sir i have printed out my admission notification slip, thanks alot for your help and guidence, may God bless you.

    • Check the UNN merit list to find out if you’ve been offered admission.

      Also, confirm that your o’level is on the JAMB CAPS.

  20. Sir now that the unn primary admission list is out(first list) can we get to know the cut off mark for all courses
    Or better still can I know the cut off mark for COMPUTER SCIENCE
    Thank you . God bless

    • Hello, Chisom.

      Unfortunately, the cut off mark for some departments is yet to be made public.

      Note that in general, UNN does not release cut off marks.

  21. Sir, I wanted to go for medicine but I got 205.5 as an aggregate score. Please,do I stand a chance of getting admission in unn to study anatomy? From Anambra. Thanks and remain blessed.

  22. Sir, the cut off mark for physics and astronomy is 203. Should someone with an aggregate of 197 wait for the supplementary lists or he should go ahead and buy the shopping form for physics and astronomy again??

    • It is advisable to buy the shopping form to be on the safe side.

      Note that you may get the admission with or without buying the UNN shopping form.

    • It is possible, also depending on your state of origin.

      Have you checked your name on the UNN merit admission list?

  23. Sir, is there any chance that unn might give me admission but with a different course if my aggregate is not up to the cut off mark.??
    Is buying of supplementary form compulsory

    • Yes, Favour

      You can get admission for your course or another course.

      Purchase of the supplementary form is to increase your chances for admission. It is not compulsory.

  24. Sir I scored 229.5 as my aggregate what are my chances of getting admitted into the department of computer science

    And is the admission for computer science ready on jamb caps
    Thank you.

  25. Sir i got 229.5 as my aggregate for human anatomy and the cutoff mark stated above was 206 and my caps has not changed is it possible that i will gain admission?

    • Admission for Human Anatomy is not yet available on the JAMB CAPS.

      Continue checking before the end of the week.

  26. Apparently I don’t know if they use of level results for admission, I had a very low aggregate of 177 and applied for medicine and surgery. Is there any medical related course I can fit into, unn and a chance at shopping?

    • Hi, Favour

      Sorry, your aggregate score is low for Medicine and other Medical courses.

      You can purchase the shopping form for Biological Science or Agriculture.

  27. My aggregate score is 242 and history and international studies merit cutoff mark is also 242, is this a good chance to get an admission into that department? THANKS

    • Yes, Uloma.

      You have a good chance to make the merit list.

      Check your JAMB CAPS to check your UNN admission status.

      I wish you good luck.

  28. Sir plz wat is d cut off mark for some courses like Dentistry, social work, microbiology, Zoology nd Botany. I want to know plz


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