How to Submit Passport for Canada Visa in Nigeria

A Canadian visa is required for anyone seeking to travel to Canada.

There are different types of Canadian visas with different requirements.

However, before you can be granted a Canadian visa, you must submit a valid passport.

This passport must be valid throughout your stay in Canada and contain all the relevant information.

But how do you submit your passport for a Canadian visa in Nigeria?

If this is your concern, it’s good that you are reading this post.

This article will discuss how you can submit your passport for a Canadian visa in Nigeria.

Remember that before you submit your passport, you must have applied properly for the Canadian visa.

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How to Apply for Canadian Visa in Nigeria

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Here is the procedure to apply for a Canada Visa in Nigeria;

A tutorial on how to apply for a Canadian visa in Nigeria

  1. Determine the Type of Visa

    You must first determine the type of visa you want and know if you are eligible to apply for it.

    To save time, the Canadian government has made it easy to check whether you are eligible for a visa or not.

    You can do it through Canadian visa assessments that determine candidates’ eligibility through their responses.

    You would also be informed of the guidelines you must follow to fulfill all the conditions for getting a Visa.

  2. Create an Online Account

    Although you can apply in person or by mail, the most convenient way to apply for the visa is to do it online.

    Once qualified for the visa, you would be required to create an online account to apply online.

  3. Prepare your Documents

    Once you have created your account online, you can begin your application process.

    You should fill out the necessary information and submit your documents.

    Remember to cross-check to avoid missing any relevant documents or making unnecessary mistakes.

  4. Pay the Visa Fees

    After submitting your documents, the system would direct you to the payment page, where you would be required to pay the visa fees.

    Once payment is made, you can now submit your application.

  5. Book an Appointment with the Visa Application Center (VAC)

    You would need to book an appointment with VAC for your biometric information to be taken.

    After scheduling an appointment, you will be sent a confirmation mail with your appointment letter.

    This letter would contain a reference number, your appointment time and date, and other relevant information.

  6. Processing your Visa Application

    The Embassy may take two or more weeks to process your visa, depending on the type of visa.

    You may be asked to provide more information or set up an interview during this period.

    You may be required to appear at the Embassy if this is done.

    The Embassy would send notifications to your mail, so you must check your email regularly.

  7. Submit your Passport and Fees for Processing

    The Embassy would send a notification that your application is successful.

    If you receive this, you must submit your international passport and processing fees to the Embassy.

    Note that this Processing fee is different from the visa fee paid earlier.

How to Submit a Passport for Canada Visa in Nigeria

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You can submit your passport at any Canadian Visa Application Center by mail, through an authorized representative, or in person.

Here are the ways to submit your passport for a Canada visa application in Nigeria;

  • By Mail
  • Through an Authorized Representative
  • In Person

By Mail

You may send your international passport by mail to the VAC.

Before this is done, you must pay a Package Transmission Service Charge and submit a VFS Global Consent Form.

If you fail to send the Package Transmission Service Charge and VFS Consent Form with your application, your application will be deemed incomplete and discarded until you do the needful.

Hence, you must submit the Package Transmission Service Charge, which you failed to include, within ten business days.

Again, if you fail to pay the sum, your package will be rejected and returned to you.

Through an Authorized Representative

You must send your original international passport, a printed passport request letter, two copies of your passport bio page, and a VFS Global Consent Form that you have correctly filled to the VAC.

You must also pay the Package Transmission Service Charge to submit your passport.

In Person

If you submit your passport in person, you must provide your original passport, a passport request letter, and two copies of your passport bio page.

You would also be required to pay the Package Transmission Service Charge.

How to Collect your Passport from the Visa Application Center

Once the Canadian Visa Office has finalized your application, it will go to the Visa Application Center.

You can collect your passport in the following ways:

  1. Your Desired Location
    • You can request that your passport be delivered to your preferred location. You need to check the VAC website for more enquires.
  2. In Person
    • It would help if you went to the Visa Application Center to collect your passport.
    • However, you would need to provide a valid means of identification and the receipt you gave at the VAC when you submitted the passport.
  3. Through an Authorized Representative
    • If you are not available to go to the VAC on your own, then you can send someone to go on your behalf.
    • However, you need to fill out the VFS Global Consent Form and ensure that your representative brings it with them.
    • Your representative must also bring along a valid means of identification and the receipt issued to you when you submitted the passport.


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Before the Embassy can process your application, you must submit your passport at the Visa Application Center.

If you have been seeking ways to do so, then we hope this article has been of tremendous help to you.

Remember to cross-check all your details, as sending in the wrong information can fail your application.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below.

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