How to Pass PHY101/105 in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

PHY 101 and PHY 105 are one of the difficult courses to pass excellently in part 1,

The reason is that the coordinators for these courses won’t give you the in-depth materials you needed to pass these courses because they believe that you have to work the extra mile for it.

How do you pass it excellently?

During my time, I didn’t for once use the materials given to us. I made use of Halliday for PHY101.

I know that the textbook is too bulky and very hard to understand but trust me, once you get what it takes to understand the textbook, you will love it.

Process of Passing PHY101/105

Don’t Hate the Course

The first step of failing a course is to create hatred for it or you think that you can’t pass it.

It’s not done that way.

Find a way to love it and try your best in learning it.

Seek for Assistance

Move closer to those that understand it.

It’s normal if your knowledge of physics is not too deep. Try to move with people that understand physics and Don’t be shy to ask them any questions.

Getting the Necessary Materials

Getting the wrong materials for a course is a way to fail it.

Check the textbook recommended.

Try as much as possible to solve it because PHY101/105 will surely ask direct questions from the recommended textbook.

Watch YouTube Tutorials

Let YouTube be your friend.

Don’t use your data doing unproductive things. Use it for things that will help you academically.

YouTube is where you can get solutions to any courses you have issues with, make use of it well.

Be Prayerful

Grace is all that you need in any courses,

Read smartly and don’t forget God as well.

By Hush Dml

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