How to Defer Admission in Nigeria University or Polytechnic

You can defer your admission to Nigerian universities and other tertiary institutions.

Deferment of admission is the process of stepping down or revoking your studentship for one (1) or more academic sessions.

To defer admission means to initiate the application to not resume the academic session for a valid reason.

You can defer admission for one (1) to twenty (20) years.

All Nigerian universities allow applications for deferment of admission by undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Newly admitted students with their JAMB admission letters can defer their admission after completing their first-year clearance.

In this post, I will walk you through the procedures for deferment of your admission to UNN, UNILAG, UNICAL, OAU, UI, ABU Zaria, and other schools.

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Good Reasons to Defer Admission

Deferring your admission is a good idea if you have a valid reason why you cannot resume the academic session.

The reasons will be in your defer admission letter required for approval by your school registrar and admission office.

Here are a few valid reasons for the deferment of admission;

  • Health Challenge
  • Financial Crisis
  • Pregnancy
  • Lack of Academic Sponsor
  • Employment

Health Challenge

An ill-health condition is a common reason why students defer their admission.

The rigours of tertiary education require sound health for students. It is the only way you can survive academic stress.

Students with poor health conditions must defer their admission till they get recovery.

Financial Crisis

Financial challenges for students are the inability to pay tuition fees, accommodation and meet up with other expenses.

You need to apply for deferment if you cannot pay for your education.

This period will allow you to pool resources together to cater for your education.


The event of pregnancy is a valid reason to defer your admission to your school.

It is optional because you can continue with school with your pregnancy.

But students who do not want to combine child-bearing with schooling can defer their admission.

Lack of Academic Sponsor

The lack of an academic sponsor is a valid reason to suspend your academics.

An academic sponsor is an individual that takes care of your financial obligations in school.

Your sponsor can be your parents, family members, etc.


Employment is a valid reason to put off your resumption for school.

Students who get employment during their academic programme can decide to postpone their resumption.

Requirements to Defer Admission

Here are the documents for deferring your admission;

  • JAMB Admission Letter
  • Local Government Area (LGA) Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • School Fees Payment Receipt
  • O’level Result (WAEC, NECO & NABTEB)
  • Passport Photograph
  • Student Biodata Form

Deferment of Admission Form

A deferment of admission form is a document you will get at your school admission or registrar’s office for the application.

You will need to fill out and submit this form for the approval of your admission postponement.

It is necessary to get your school’s official stamp on this form to indicate approval of your deferment.

Deferment Fee

A deferment fee is the amount of money you pay for the application process.

The money you will pay depends on your school. Some schools require that you generate the payment invoice on your school portal.

There are two payment methods;

  1. Online Payment
  2. Bank Deposit

How to Defer Admission

Here are the processes for deferment of admission;

  1. Pay your acceptance fee
  2. Generate school fees invoice
  3. Pay your school fees for the academic session
  4. Complete your first-year clearance
  5. Visit your head of department (HOD) office
  6. Inform your HOD you want to defer your admission
  7. Get the deferment application form from your faculty officer
  8. Fill out the form
  9. Write your deferment of admission letter
  10. Submit the deferment form and letter to your school registrar, faculty and department office
  11. Wait for approval from your school admission office

Defer Admission Letter Sample

Here is a sample of how you can write a letter to defer university admission;

Defer admission letter sample
This picture contains a deferment application letter sample

I, Olarewaju Blessing, a 100level student of Mass Communication at the Faculty of Arts, write to request for deferment of my admission for the 2026/2027 academic session.

My request for deferring my admission is because of my health challenges.

Attached to this letter are my Medical reports, approved by the university medical director.

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Application to Resume Academic Activities

You can resume school after deferring your admission by writing to your school.

In the letter, you will request to resume academic activities.

The letter will be reviewed and approved by your school registrar.

Let me know if you have any questions on how you can defer your admission. I will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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