OAU Post UTME Format & Subject Combination for Art Students

This post contains the exam format for Art students taking the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Post UTME examination.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further assistance.

OAU Post UTME Format

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The OAU Post UTME is Forty (40) questions in all. Ten (10) per subject, and each question carries one (1) mark.

First, I want you to note that the English language will be replaced with the Aptitude test. Therefore you won’t be writing the English language in the Post UTME exam.

OAU Aptitude Test

The area of specialization for the Aptitude test, according to my review, is:

  • Algebra
  • Current Affairs
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Vocabulary Spellings
  • Nigeria History
  • GRE, SAT
  • World History, among others.

The second review is for Literature in English.

Don’t waste your time reading JAMB past questions (literature) for OAU Post UTME.

It is wrong if you’re doing that, so download PDFs of books like

  • The Trails of Brother Jero
  • Sizwe Banzi is dead
  • The fate of the cockroach
  • The trails of Dedan Kimathi
  • The Lord of the flies
  • The gods are not to be blame
  • The lion and the jewel, among others.

Don’t read these books and poems alone. Look for their Poetic devices and read about their authors too.

Know about their country and anything knowable about them because OAU can ask any unexpected question.

Imagine seeing questions like, “The settings of Dedan Kimathi is where?

In my exam, Government is easy to pass

Lastly, for those that choose CRS, to me.

CRS is the most complex subject in OAU Post UTME. It is because you can’t expect the questions you’ll answer.

I encourage you to read extensively. Don’t read Bible alone because you’ll be shocked you may not see any questions about the Bible in your exam.

My advice for you is to read about

  • The history of Christianity in Nigeria
  • What Emile Durkheim said about religion,
  • Men of God like
    • Moses Orimolade
    • S.B.J Oshoffa
    • J.A Babalola
    • David Oyedepo
    • T.B Joshua etc

Read their biography if possible because OAU can be funny

Imagine questions like J.A Babalola’s first daughter’s name is ……?

Read about the hospitals, schools and houses built by missionaries and churches.

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57 thoughts on “OAU Post UTME Format & Subject Combination for Art Students”

  1. Hiiii
    So todays the exam gladly?
    I wanted to ask if I could study linguistic in OAu with 236 as my jamb score
    1C6 2b3 and 1c4 as my warm mark

    • Hello Funke,

      OAU accepts English Language, one Art or
      Humanities subject and three (3) from Biology,
      Physics, Chemistry, ICT, Economics, Geography,
      Agricultural Science, Accounting, Mathematics.

  2. Good day sir,can i study medicine and surgery after losing my three middle left fingers or should i just go for microbiology and not dream about it.

    • Dear Ridwan,

      I strongly believe that no disability should discourage someone from pursuing a dream.

      If you have the passion and the intelligence for it, then you should go for it.

  3. Good day sir,i scored 249 in my utme and I have b3 b2 a1 c5 and c6 but I have d7 in my literature so is there any chance for me to study international relations in oau.

    • Dear Sekinat,

      The D7 will not hinder your admission because Literature in English is not a compulsory WAEC subject in OAU for International Relations.

  4. 1)do I need pre degree past questions and a level textbook to prepare for bio, chem and phy? If yes,can I get the pdf?
    2) what’s the duration of the exam
    3) what’s any oau post utme textbook that can really help me

    • Dear Timi,

      To get the Past Question for the exam, I recommend you visit the school directly or you get it from a Senior colleague in the school though, there are online vendors you can get it from as well.

      I recommend you pay close attention to your textbooks as well as the Past Questions.

  5. Gud day sir/ma
    I had 222 as my jamb score
    2 B3, 1B2, 1 C4 and 1C6 in my waec exam and I want to go for biochemistry or microbiology
    I just need yr advice and not my chances of admission
    Thank you

    • Dear Francis,

      I recommend you study Biochemistry. It’ll provide you with more opportunities. They are also highly paid abroad.

  6. Hello
    Please what is the right post utme subject combination for law?

    I scored 261, am I good to go with that?
    And how can I get past questions for the right subject combination?

    • Dear Praise,

      The subject combination includes the English language, CRK, Literature in English and Government.

      The aggregate cut-off mark for Law is usually above 290. If you are sure you can study and write the POST UTME and hit the aggregate score, to appear on the merit list or if you miss it a little to the supplementary list, then you can apply.

  7. Hello sir, please I’d like to know the exact post-utme subject combination for studying International relations in oau.
    Also, I got 239 in jamb, 5A’s, 3B’s and 1C. Please what are my chances of getting into Oau for International Relations

    • Dear Akudo,

      OAU requires Mathematics, Government or Economics and any History, Geography or Literature in English.
      You have a good chance with your score and grades.
      Let me know if you have more questions.

  8. Please how can I get oau post utme past questions in PDF and I scored 244 in my jamb I want to study English language what are my chances of getting admission into oau

    • Hello Abosede,

      – The Trails of Brother Jero
      = Sizwe Banzi is dead
      – The fate of the cockroach
      – The trails of Dedan Kimathi
      – The Lord of the flies
      – The gods are not to be blame
      – The lion and the jewel among others.

  9. Sir I got 257 in my jamb and 4b3 and 1b2 in my core subjects pls what are my chances of gaining admission to study pharmacy?

  10. Good evening sir.
    Thanks for your response.
    How can I get the syllabus.
    That is for literature,government and Islamic studies.
    And again has OAU change Islamic studies to religious studies for their post UTME.

  11. Does OAU have post UTME syllabus?
    Please is it the literature text we use for our O’level that will we also use for the preparation of OAU post UTME.


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