Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria for Secondary School Students 2024

There are many scholarship opportunities for Secondary School students in Nigeria. These scholarship grants cover school fees, laptops and other miscellaneous expenses.

A scholarship for secondary school students is a bursary grant awarded to students to support their academics. Students get these bursaries from the government, NGO and private organizations in Nigeria.

There are different kinds of scholarship opportunities available to students in secondary school in Nigeria all year round. This post will focus on indigenous scholarships for Nigerians.

To get a scholarship, you must know how to apply for these opportunities. It is why you will find this post helpful.

In this post, I will highlight the scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for junior and senior secondary school students.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comment section if you need further assistance.

Good luck with your scholarship application.

Types of Secondary School Scholarship in Nigeria

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There are four (4) kinds of scholarships awarded to secondary school students in Nigeria;

  1. Government Scholarship
  2. Private Organization Scholarship
  3. NGO Scholarship
  4. Community Scholarship
  5. Private Scholarship

Government Scholarship

Government scholarships are bursary awards by the Nigerian Federal and State government. It is for junior and senior secondary school students.

For example, the Zamfara State Bursary is a kind of government scholarship.

With the Federal Government of Nigeria, every state offers bursaries for their students.

Private Organization Scholarship

Private companies in Nigeria offer scholarship awards for secondary school students.

They are the most common scholarship opportunities for junior and senior secondary school students in Nigeria.

The Shell secondary scholarship scheme is an example of a private organization scholarship.

NGO Scholarship

NGO scholarships are bursaries by a non-governmental organization in Nigeria.

They aim to sponsor students through their primary and secondary education.

Community Scholarship

Community scholarships are bursary opportunities by different communities.

It is when individuals from a community pool resources together to sponsor students.

You can get this scholarship by receiving updates from your parents about scholarship opportunities in your community.

Private Scholarship

Private scholarships are bursaries provided by politicians, business moguls, etc.

These people have a passion to support students in school.

Scholarships for Secondary School Students in Nigeria

UBA Foundation Essay Competition

Here is the list of scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for junior and senior secondary school students;

  • Shell Secondary School Scholarship
  • UBA National Essay Competition
  • Midwestern Oil & Gas JV Scholarship
  • ​​NLNG Post Primary Scholarship
  • Oando Foundation Scholarship
  • Malala Fund
  • Bishop Mike Okonkwo Essay Competition
  • MTN Spelling Bee Competition
  • Cowbellpedia Mathematics Competition
  • ME Egbadon Foundation Bursary
  • Mike Okonkwo National Essay Competition

Shell Secondary School Scholarship

The Shell Nigeria Secondary School Scholarship Scheme is for host communities in Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Imo and Rivers states.

Every year, an average of 2,600 post-primary scholarships are awarded in the seven states. The Secondary School Scholarship Scheme is to help students pay through school, as well as enhance academic achievement in host communities.

The scheme, which is also a welcome relief for many parents and guardians in the education of their children, has become so popular that annually, thousands of parents and children look forward to it as a golden opportunity.

Indeed, it has today become a welcome feature of educational development, especially in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria.

UBA National Essay Competition

The National Essay Competition is targeted at senior secondary students in Nigeria is organized annually, as part of the UBA Foundation’s education initiative which is aimed at promoting the reading culture and encouraging healthy and intellectual competition amongst secondary school students in Nigeria and across Africa.

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Be a Secondary School Student
  • Must submit a handwritten essay (750 words MAX)
  • Must submit a passport photograph
  • Must submit a copy of a birth certificate, National ID or passport

How to Apply

  • Applicant must submit their completed contact information (Name, Age, School, Address of school, Telephone Number, Residential Address and Email Address).
  • Applicants must attach photocopies of their original birth certificates or international passport data page.

Midwestern Oil & Gas JV Scholarship

Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited, operator of the Umusadege Field in OML 56, Delta State and its JV Partner SunTrust Oil Company Nigeria Limited has since commencing production embarked on various schemes that deliver enduring progress to the indigenes of its host communities and Delta State in general by constantly investing in human capital to ensure economic development.


Open to JSS I & JSS 2 Students only

  • Admission letter to Secondary School in Nigeria
  • Result in the last year in Primary School or JSS 1 result.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Identification letter signed by Ward Counsellor or CACC (Community Accredited Contact-men Committee)

​​NLNG Post Primary Scholarship

The scheme aims at supporting high performing basic six pupils in the company’s host communities and the oil-producing states of Nigeria to access post-primary education uninterruptedly.

The scheme kicked off in 2012 with 28 beneficiaries and has grown to a total of 172 beneficiaries by 2015.

Prospective pupils are admitted onto the scheme based on an excellent performance at the annual National Examinations Council’s (NECO) Common Entrance Examinations.

Oando Foundation Scholarship

The Oando Scholars Programme annually awards scholarships to the three best performing final year students from each adopted school to ease their transition to secondary school.

The award covers tuition where applicable and other expenses which include transportation, study materials and uniforms.

The programme supports children who have excelled in their academics to transit to Secondary School whilst building a culture of excellence among children in Oando adopted schools.

Scholars are identified by the Foundation in partnership with the SUBEB, school heads, representatives of SBMCs, and Local Government Education Authorities.

They are selected based on an aggregate of their primary five (5) and primary six (6) results (continuous assessment & exam) and the State- level Secondary school placement examinations.

Awardees must maintain an annual average performance of 70% in all subjects to remain in the scheme. The Foundation has awarded 1,102 scholarships to date.

Mike Okonkwo National Essay Competition

Eligible Countries: Nigeria

Type: Essay

Value of Award

1st Position

  • ₦100,000 + Laptop (Student)
  • 3 sets of PC (School).

2nd Position

  • ₦75,000 (Student)
  • 2 sets of PC (School).

3rd Position

  • ₦50,000 (Student)
  • A set of PC (School).


  • Applicants must be Nigerians
  • Applicants must be Secondary School Students

Entry Requirements

  • Maximum of 2000 words
  • Name of student, class, e-mail, contact phone number and his/her recent passport photograph
  • Name of school and detailed address (including Name of Principal and phone number)
  • The essay should be clearly typed

Application Process

Interested and qualified applicants should send their entries to: [email protected]


The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM),

International Headquarters,

Obanikoro/ Anthony-Oke Bus Stop,

Lagos State.

Note: Essay should be original; avoid plagiarism.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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    • Hello,

      Scholarship opportunities are mostly available for undergraduate students.

      I will advise he applies for scholarship after gaining admission to the university.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  1. Please, i am interested in any schorlarship program for secondry students. I am currently in S.S. 1. I will be sincerely grateful if my request will be considered. Thanks!

      • I have excellent computer skills in topics like Data Analysis, Web Development, E- commerce. I am in SS1 too. Please help me with a competion. thanks

        • Here are some computer science competitions that you, as an SS1 student with excellent computer skills in data analysis, web development, and e-commerce, can participate in:

          1. Google Code-In is an annual competition for students aged 13-17 to participate in open source software development. The competition is divided into four tracks: Code, Design, Documentation, and Testing. You can use your skills in data analysis, web development, and e-commerce to contribute to open source projects in any of these tracks.

          2. The HackerRank World CodeSprint is a monthly coding competition for programmers of all skill levels. The competition is open to students of all ages. You can use your skills in data analysis, web development, and e-commerce to solve coding challenges in the competition.

          3. The International Informatics Olympiad (IOI) is an annual international computer science competition for high school students. The competition consists of a two-day programming contest, where students must solve algorithmic problems. You can use your skills in data analysis and web development to solve the algorithmic problems in the IOI.

          4. The National Science Foundation (NSF) High School Computer Science Invitational (HSCI) is an annual computer science competition for high school students. The competition consists of a two-day programming contest, where students must solve algorithmic problems. You can use your skills in data analysis, web development, and e-commerce to solve the algorithmic problems in the HSCi.

          In addition to these competitions, there are also a number of online and in-person computer science hackathons that you can participate in. Hackathons are typically 24-48 hour events where students come together to build software and solve problems. You can use your skills in data analysis, web development, and e-commerce to contribute to software projects at hackathons.

          To prepare for these competitions, I recommend that you continue to develop your skills in data analysis, web development, and e-commerce. You can do this by taking online courses, reading books and articles, and working on personal projects. You should also practice solving coding challenges. There are a number of websites that offer coding challenges, such as HackerRank and LeetCode.

          I hope this information is helpful. Good luck with your computer science competitions!

  2. Am Bonny Miracle

    Am in ss3 science student,Is there any shell scholarship for secondary school student to university 2024-2025

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  4. Hello good evening sir, am Vanessa I just finished my junior WAEC, and I will appreciate if I can get a scholarship in any good school in Abuja foe senior Secondary school. Is there any available school and how do I apply. Thank you sir.

  5. Am angel uriel in sss1,pls is there any avaliable scholarship on physics and chemistry within august

  6. hello i finished my secondary school since 2020 and am here still not a student of any universities in the world because of lack in currency i really want this scholarship opportunities if any please

    • Yes, Amblessed

      There are plenty of scholarship opportunities available to you by the time you gain admission.

      Good luck.

  7. Pls I want to know if there are scholarship prog like the essay competition for secondary schools, thanks.

    • Success,

      You can apply for any Essay and Mathematics completion available to secondary school students in Nigeria.

    • No, Theophilus

      None is currently available.

      But there are plenty of scholarship opportunities when you get admission to the university.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  8. Hello,
    i will like to apply for a scholarship, i’m in SS one science currently
    i go to RubyGold british school
    i’m thirteen years old
    please help me

    • Hello Ada,

      You can apply for various essay and debate competitions.

      Speak with the principal of your school that you will be interested in such opportunities.

      I wish you success.

    • Hello, Etolue

      You can apply for the Cowbell Mathematics Competition.

      You will need to speak to your principal about the application for Mathematics competitions.

    • Hello Hilary,

      There’s currently no scholarship that I know of for Junior Secondary School students but I’ll try to keep you updated if I find any.

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    • Dear Ma Akinola,

      Currently, there’s no scholarship scheme open for an application that we know of.
      We recommend that you look out for community or NGO scholarships.

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    • Dear Mr Akinmolayan,

      You can apply for any of the scholarships on the post. The requirements and application processes are described therein.

  13. Sir, I’m interested in the NGO scholarships for students that have graduated from their secondary school. Please what are the requirements for the scholarship.

  14. Hello, gud day. I’m Mercy, I am interested in assessing on Scholarship for my son who has wrote junior waec and was very intelligent , but bcs i can’t afford to give him the best so i request to asign in searching for Scholarship for him please,

      • Please sir honestly am humbly saying that I have finished my junior waec honestly am humbly saying that I am a very brilliant and intelligent boy honestly am humbly saying that I can read and write please sir honestly am humbly saying that I humbly need a scholarship sir my father is late. Please sir honestly am humbly to hear from you soon sir honestly am humbly saying that if you can grant my request I will be very happy.

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  17. I want my son who will be promoted to ss1 class by September to apply for scholarship, I will be grateful if you can be of help.

    • Hello Madam Sarah,

      Currently, no National scholarships are available for Secondary School students.

      But I will inform you when there is an available opportunity.

  18. Hi,I’m Linda Nanna,I’m very interested in accessing a good scholarship programme for my son who will be in primary six come September,due to my unsteady income issues.My son has always been top of his class irrespective of financial crises that keep him home for days or weeks per term,will be grateful if you can be of help.Kudos on your great works!


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