How to Pass UNICAL Post UTME Exams & Gain Admission 2022

The University of Calabar is a federal university in Nigeria that conducts a post UTME examination for candidates who applied for admission and have written JAMB.

UNICAL Post UTME Eligibility

Students eligible to write the University of Calabar Post UTME are applicants who scored up to or above the stipulated cut off in the JAMB examination.

Nature of UNICAL Post UTME Exam

University of Calabar Post UTME examination is computer-based (CBT).

The examination comprises forty (40) multiple-choice questions. Ten (10) marks for every question, which is 400 marks.

About 20 questions are in English. The remaining questions are from the JAMB subject combination depending on the course you have applied to study in UNICAL.

Other subjects such as Current Affairs and Computer are in the UNICAL Post UTME examination.

Recently, Current Affairs, Computer has not been set in a while. The University of Calabar may also set mathematics for other courses apart from Science or Engineering related courses.


There are two venues where candidates write their examinations;

  1. The University of Calabar main library
  2. Post Graduate School

The time, date and exact venue of exams will be available to each aspirant with the sitting arrangements.

How to Check UNICAL Post UTME Results

A week or two after the post UTME examinations, post UTME results are uploaded on an online portal for aspirants to access. You will purchase a pin to access the result portal.

UNICAL Post UTME Average Score Calculation

Remember when I mentioned that the post UTME is 400 marks. Your post UTME score plus your JAMB score and the sum is divided by 2 to get your average.

Applicants with scores above the UNICAL cut-off will get merit admission for their course.

UNICAL Admission Requirements

Yes, your O’level results are also a requirement. You must have at least a credit in your five (5) core subjects for the course you applied (Mathematics and English inclusive).

Also, ensure your O’level results are on the JAMB CAPS portal.

UNICAL Admission Guidelines

Here are the admission guidelines for the University of Calabar (UNICAL);

UNICAL Admission Quota

UNICAL admission quota is the total number of students a university can admit per session based on their capacity.

A university is not allowed to admit above the quota assigned to them by Nigerian University Commission (NUC).

After a school has exceeded their admission quota, no other person will get admission even if they scored high.

This system also applies to all departments at the University of Calabar.

UNICAL Admission Policy

The University of Calabar (UNICAL) has policies to follow when admitting new UTME and direct entry students.

One of the policies is 45% Merit, 35% catchment, and 20% Educationally Less developed (ELDs).

Another is the ratio of Science to Arts students from 60 to 40. That means out of the total number of students admitted in a particular academic session, 60% are from the Sciences, and the remaining 40% are Art Students.

Every university has to follow the admission policy set up for them by the NUC.

UNICAL Subject Combination

Every course/department in UNICAL has a subject combination that every admission seeker has.

Failure to use the right combination will cost you your admission. So you must be sure of the subject combination of the course you want to study in UNICAl.

UNICAL Departmental Cut Off Mark

You all must be familiar with this. Here high JAMB score/aggregate doesn’t matter.

Departmental cut off is different from general cut off.

You might score above the UNICAL general cut off, but if you do not get up to the departmental cut off, you will not get the merit admission.

How to Pass UNICAL Post UTME Exam

Here are tips on how to pass the UNICAL Post UTME examination;

  1. Study
  2. Practice UNICAL Post UTME Questions
  3. Arrive UNICAL Before your Post UTME Exam
  4. Overcome Fear and Anxiety
  5. Pray


Firstly, you have to study.

The key to passing any examination, especially the University of Calabar Post UTME examination, is studying very hard.

Burn midnight candles. Study the same way you did for your JAMB examination, if not more.

Practice UNICAL Post UTME Questions

Use the University of Calabar post-UTME examination past questions.

University of Calabar (UNICAL) is known to repeat Post UTME questions.

Candidates who study the appropriate past questions will pass the Post UTME examination with flying colours.

Arrive UNICAL Before your Post UTME Exam

Ensure to be on the school premises days before your examination to get information first-hand.

It is also necessary to be in the school environment days before your examination to get an update on the Post UTME exam. It would give you an advantage.

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Overcome the feeling of fear and anxiety.

Ensure you read the questions carefully and answer on time.


Finally, ensure you are spiritual prepared.

Do well to pray before the exam. It would also help a lot.

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